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These videos are designed to help you and your equine navigate a Horse Agility course whilst building a strong relationship and improving handling skills. Myself and Inara (mule world champion) will go into great detail on each obstacle and the horsemanship skills we use to complete them.


A series of 12 tutorial videos on Horse Agility. Produced by myself and Inara the mule (world champion) this series looks at how to build and tackle the various obstacles whilst improving your horsemanship skills. Included are a couple of bonus videos too!


The 12 videos (after the introduction video) in this series are as follows;

1- The weave

2- Playing with poles

3- Tarpaulin and Hula Hoop

4- Scary obstacles and the Scary Corridor

5- The Curtain

6- Changes of gait and stand cue

7- The Noodle walk

8- The S bend, U bend and Zig Zags

9- Mats and Blocks

10- Narrow Gap and tunnel

11- Bottle bank and balls

12- Completing a course

Horse AgilityTutorials Series One

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