I am an equine trainer with a focus on promoting good, kind handling skills and positive reinforcement. I teach both ground skills and bitless riding, and have a particular interest in mules and donkeys.


I am a Horse Agility Accredited Trainer and I compete in agility with my mule Inara. Inara shares me with 6 other horses who each have a story to tell. I do a variety of activites with the herd, but most of all they are just enjoying the herd life and I simply enjoy their company. I am proud to be approved as a non ridden friendly business by the Non Ridden Equine Association as I strongly believe there is more to equines than just riding and we need to promote the worth of the non ridden equine. That said, I do ride and teach riding but do so in a compassionate manner without the use of bits, whips or spurs.

I am based on the Herefordshire/Worcestershire borders but also travel to North Worcestershire and even Somerset to teach. I am also available for video review sessions. This year I am running a Horse Agility course in Spain at an ethical riding holiday resort. I have a passion for working equines and I also travel to Morocco to assist muleteers in the mountains in using kinder equipment and improving handling skills.


I've been building my business up now for over 10 years and I've learnt a lot along the way. If you'd like discuss how I might help you and your equine do feel free to get in touch.